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New Jersey has the highest rates of foreclosure in the United States. Don’t fight the system alone.


Keeping Clients in Homes for  over 40 years

I have successfully kept people like you in your home for over 40 years with over a 95% success rate.

Many people find themselves facing foreclosure because of predatory lending tactics by big banks. If you receive a Notice of Foreclosure, it’s imperative that you reach out to an attorney for help immediately. From the Notice of Foreclosure, you only have 35 days to file an Answer to a foreclosure Complaint. If your Answer is filed in time, you are placed in the “Contested Foreclosure” category.

No foreclosure can take place in New Jersey unless under a court order. New Jersey is a judicial foreclosure state, so by contesting your case, the time it takes to arrive at a judgment is greatly extended. This can give you the time to arrange your life without the fear of being displaced from your home before you’re ready.

All of this can be done over the phone with no need to travel to an office.

Making an Impact Across New Jersey

I enjoy taking on the big banks; especially when they engage in predatory lending practices. My clients come from all across New Jersey, and I’m proud to say that many receive thousands of dollars in forgiveness of their debts. I successfully keep clients in their homes for many extra months or years, often permanently depending on the case.

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My 40+ years of experience have given me a unique perspective on foreclosure law in New Jersey

  • 95% success rate in fighting big banks
  • Hundred of clients kept in their homes
  • Thousands of dollars in debt forgiveness per client

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